What ClimataCompensata is

ClimataCompensata is just a site listing all the ways you can climate compensate – meaning, how you can zero down on the CO2 emissions you are responsible for. We will also list ways and give tips on how you can change from high emissions to lesser without changing your living standard. Life should be good too, just that it shouldn’t be so polluting. 

We use ads and affiliate marketing to found this site. We use 10% of these earnings to buy proven ways to climate compensate. We will write what we have done and put these earnings into. This way we will, just by letting you use the site, also enable you to climate compensate a bit via us too. 

We will only use scientific data in our statements and we will take great scrutiny in avoiding ponzi scheme investments in our climate compensation recommendations. 

The site is written by Swedish people, so there will be a bit of Swenglish instead of normal good English. We apologize in advance. 

The vision of ClimataCompensata

The vision of ClimataCompensata is to enable you to find all ways to climate compensate in one place. We also wish this site to have enabled more CO2 capture, less pollution, and to have helped to slow down the global warming that scientist say are causing it, than if the site never would have existed. 

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